The Ambulant Photographer

Learn. Shoot. Grow. Repeat.

Learn. Shoot. Grow. Repeat.

Dedicated to the Art, Pursuit, and Practice of Street Photography in the 21st Century.

Welcome to the Community

The Ambulant Photographer is dedicated to the Art, Pursuit, and Practice of Street Photography in the 21st Century.

Part community, part magazine, part resource library and learning center. Founded by a handful of photographers with a passion for the art, the technique, and the process of envisioning, seeking, and making photographs. We're also inspired by what now seems like a somewhat rebellious decision to move a high-value group conversation away from the Facebook/Instagram Empire. 

Facebook is a terrible place to display photos for myriad reasons. One of many is their image engine. It's also a bad place to try to organize content and manage groups of people interested in specific areas of study. Instagram is an enormous distraction for the creative individual, though we're all there. Here we hope you find an alternative to that, and that you'll take comfort in the knowledge that you can participate and invite friends without forcing them into a relationship with Facebook. 

Neither Facebook nor Google has access to the discussions here, and we're serious about privacy, the expectation of privacy, and the ways in which our participation is leveraged and by whom. 

Here anybody is welcome to create. Show us your images. Tell us the stories behind your favorite pictures. Share your projects. Publish opinion pieces. We don't know where this might go, and we're hoping that without any strict restrictions that it will go someplace cool. 

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